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Incentivizing Bike Commuting August 14 2014, 0 Comments

Throughout the European Union, countries are incentivizing bike commuting realizing health, environment and joy benefits.  Our friends at CycleScheme have a really nice breakdown of what is available in the UK.  They also have a savings and calorie calculator that could be useful no matter where you ride.

If you're not enjoying these kinds of options, send a link to your government representative or HR rep!

Biking fun in Portland August 06 2014, 0 Comments

Our city has bike events galore!  Even events that are not bike-specific have become hybridized due to the popularity of riding in Portland.  Recently a large yearly concert offered 200 bike parking spaces and was filled.  Tomorrow, August 7, the local Street of Dreams is getting in on the fun.  The Bicycle Transportation Alliance announced that there will be bike tours, bike gifts, bike-powered refreshments, a biking coach, and of course a VIP bike corral.

The Vee August 05 2014, 0 Comments

This past weekend some of the Wind-Blox team were out of town and borrowed bikes and helmets.  When they donned the headgear it was surprising to see how others before them had worn these helmets.  The straps were very loose and the 'vee' where the front and back strap from each side met to create the chin strap was actually near the chin of each rider.  Obviously these helmets needed adjustments if they were to be useful for promoting safety!

As the Blox team adjusted their borrowed helmets, they realized that the 'vee' could be something that customers might not consider when attaching Blox to their helmets.  For best use of Blox, the 'vee' should be close to the rider's earlobe and the chin strap should be snug.

Happy riding!

Timeless July 11 2014, 0 Comments

In an industry where there are always new models, lighter frames and cleaner lines to be had it is good to remember that, "Bicycles may change but cycling is timeless." 

-Zapata Espinoza


these parts? here

Wind Tests For Blox June 14 2014, 0 Comments

Engineering interns at George Fox University are testing the effectiveness of Wind-Blox in the lab.  Early results confirm the wind noise reduction of up to 80%, proving Blox in cool technical ways.  


Summer Venture Rides June 09 2014, 0 Comments

Venture Expeditions creates charity rides to raise both awareness and money for important causes.  This summer their cyclists will be riding with greater safety and having even more fun since they'll be wearing Blox while riding to benefit the International Justice Mission and Love Does.  Wind-Blox is all about partnering to build redemptive joy (thank you Storyline and Donald Miller!) and so very excited to find a soul-first group to work with like Venture