Reviewers: Use Wind-Blox to Reduce Bike Wind Noise

Reviewers: Use Wind-Blox to Reduce Bike Wind Noise

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While there is a safety aspect for sure, to this reviewer the simple comfort of not having wind roaring in my ears all the time was the best feature of this product by far. The Wind-Blox were effective even going downhill at 40+ mph, making a continual and noticeable difference.

So, would we recommend the Wind-Blox for cycling?  In a word, yes.

Sportif Magazine

The wind was less intense and I could hear cars way in advance before they were overtaking.  Wind-Blox are a fab commuter product and top marks for safety awareness.

DIY Active 

Wind-Blox are essential for winter cycling. While they keep icy wind from freezing your ear canal, they keep you safe since they don’t stop sound like ear muffs do.


Cyclo Magazine

Even at relatively slow speeds the Wind Blox did make a really noticeable difference in how audible vehicles approaching from behind were as well as how far in advance they were audible.

It's a simple little product that delivers what it promises, namely to reduce wind noise around your ears. In our opinion, it should be standard equipment on all bicycle helmets.

The London Evening Standard

Also thinking about our safety — particularly as the weather turns — is WindBlox. 

Endless Cycles

Wow! No, really, Wow!!

I took them off for a ride to see whether I was imagining the improvement. I then put them back on my road helmet and have kept them there ever sense. They work.

SLO Cyclist

If you’re after a product that will increase your awareness of the cars around you, and you want to hear the pack chatter during a group ride, Wind-Blox are for you.

I felt as if I were able to discern cars approaching sooner and to hear some of the other city sounds that get drowned out by the wind. 

MN Bike Trail Navigator

Riding was much more enjoyable and quieter with Wind Blox on my helmet straps than without.  Carrying on conversations with other cyclists I was riding with was much easier and I was able to do so without turning my head to hear what they were saying.  When riding in traffic or out on those lonely gravel roads, I was able to hear cars approaching from behind much sooner because of the greatly reduced wind noise that Wind Blox provide.


"If only there was a way to shut the wind up or a device that blocked the winds noise out. Well now there is."  

Cycle Scheme

With less noise, riders can also hear voices and the surrounding sounds, providing a more enjoyable ride. Unassuming, simple and totally brilliant. I want two!

Electric Bike Review

As anyone who has ridden at 18-25mph (my usual speed range for sustained cycling) on an electric bike knows, wind noise is an even bigger deal on an electric bike than a standard one. So, I think that this accessory is particularly suited to our needs.


Our Customers Share:
The wind noise demo is a selling point for those not familiar or skeptical.  I have to agree with the results.  The amount of background sound lost to wind noise is significant. 

Their KickStarter page spelled out the work they put into getting this to market.  My helmet’s off to these folks, good job. -Patrick G

"Heard the sweetest little birds chirping on my ride to work today. Thanks Wind-Blox!" -- Drew F.

"I've put these on my helmet and they make a huge difference in reducing noise levels. Highly recommended!" -- Michael S.

"Even at higher downhill speeds it is a huge difference.... Thank you again for a great product.  Hope to see it in stores."  -- John H.

"When I use these, I can hear my dad talking and giving me directions" -- Kevin B.

"It blocks wind and therefore noise is not affecting your biking and you could be aware of what's going on around while it’s really comfortable on the helmet and ear." -- Arnoldo A.

“It makes such a difference that I know I’ll keep using these with every helmet I wear.” – Richard G.

“Nothing like a 14 mile ride into a headwind to appreciate the Wind-Blox I forgot on my other helmet.  My brain’s still rattlin’.” – Elle B.

"Wind-Blox is great. It has helped my Tinnitus problem and made my bike riding significantly more enjoyable.  Thank you for producing such a wonderful product!" -- Ray B.

"I finally was able to try it out today on my morning commute to work. I'm usually biking at 10-12mph. I was really impressed by the lessening of the noise due to wind, especially considering that it's a fairly simple idea. I found it best to attach it the way it's shown in the videos." -- Prasenjit

"I just took my first ride with them and I love 'em. You still hear some of the higher pitch sounds of the wind blowing by and making sounds on your helmet and stuff, but the big loud deep rumble of the wind on your eardrum is gone." -- Mason C.

"Quick update as a hearing impaired rider. I hear better, they block (swag) about 60% or more of the wind noise.  I love them.  Thank you!" -- Mason F.

"It is even better than we expected" -- Nguyen L.

"They are comfortable riding just in front of the ear, also diverting the air around the ear opening quieting the wind noise... if they work great on the road I can only image they will be awesome out there." -- Tim H. 



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