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In Which We Link You Up May 24 2015, 0 Comments

With so much great bicycling content, we want to share some of our favorites.

Though we were already fans, when we became acquainted with the League of American Bicyclists at InterBike we liked them even more!  Their advocacy mission is nicely paired with practical advice.  For example, their common-sense tips make a big difference no matter your level of expertise.  

Ten Speed Hero is a gorgeous tumblr blog and a great place to check if you're ready to be inspired.  Be sure to see their regular blog as well--they have great features like this one about their team.

If you're not familiar with Copenhagenize now is the time to learn!  They have lots of information about urban cycling and include pieces that are a bit unusual as well.

Our home town favorite, Bike Portland, is both popular and interesting.  Jonathan Maus and his staff update locals on bike-related events and news while balancing this with articles that are relevant for riders in other locales.  A cool feature they include is job listings.  When bike-loving job-seeking friends of ours mention how much they'd like to move to our town, we always point them here.  We check regularly and think you will too.