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Wind-Blox Blog

Can You Hear Me Now? April 25 2015, 0 Comments

Annoying wind noise is enough to keep some people off their bikes.  One of our early customers wrote us shortly after receiving his order of Wind-Blox to let us know how helpful the Blox had been for his tinnitus.  He stated that quieting the wind-noise helped calm the tinnitus, adding less noise made a huge difference for him.  Since that time we have heard this from many customers.

Hyperacusis is another hearing problem that is aided with use of our wind blocking devices.  With hyperacusis there is a heightened awareness of sound, and those with hyperacusis sometimes choose to limit their activities to those which produce little sound.  This often excludes the joy of biking, due to wind noise.  Now customers are able to rejoin their love of bike riding and often send their friends our way, too.


Training with Wind-Blox April 19 2015, 0 Comments

Bike racers aim to be as sleek as possible, they're known for wearing skin skinsuits, aerodynamic helmets and shaving their legs.  Yet they often train with wind-Blox.  Wind-Blox allow racers to train with less annoyance from wind noise and also add enjoyment since the riders have an improved awareness of their surroundings.  


Freezing Weather Continues...Here's Some Gear November 20 2014, 0 Comments

Our favorite wind-fighting product is Wind-Blox, it goes without saying, but what other wind products are valuable?

We like Pearl Izumi's cycling gloves, but also realize that in really cold weather something like a lobster glove may be more what a person is looking for.

If riders are dealing with rain, another vital layer would be booties (and of course our favorite is our local brand Showers Pass which is now available at Nordstrom).  Beyond the need for booties, a great pair of cycling shoes is going to be helpful and SIDI has a really warm pair.

Knickers or knee warmers will make a big difference when it comes to keeping your ligaments happy, and fleece lined tights and bibs are great options too.

Balaclavas stop important sounds (like CARS) and so do earmuffs, so Wind-Blox should stay on your helmet straps year round, but adding a warm layer like Bern's knit liner will be very helpful.

Less Noise Means.. August 18 2014, 0 Comments

Less wind noise means

     great conversations


     the sound of approaching traffic



Want less wind noise, wear wind-Blox.  Simple.