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Keeping Tots Riding Safely May 15 2015, 0 Comments

Glide Bikes, Striders, Early Riders and the like are quite an exciting addition to the biking family.  Its so cool for the tandems to have child to call their own ;)

While its fun to put your tinies on a teensy bike, remember safety.  Helmets need to be worn correctly--and given our time in the bike rodeo circuit--this is not common!  

Check the y-strap to make sure it y's right below your child's earlobe.

Make sure the chin strap is snug.  Two fingers between the chin and strap is all the play you should have.

Adjust the helmet so that it is two fingers above your child's eyebrows (this is one of the most common errors among all riders).


Then, when they're ready to hit the road for a family outing, make sure you put Blox on their helmet straps.  This really helps them to be able to hear you AND approaching traffic!

Trends = Spotted! September 26 2014, 0 Comments

We wanted to share three of the favorites we found at InterBike.  

Fat Bikes!  They're so huge--and look utterly capable.  Many people may test them out just to see if they're like a self-propelled ATV!  

E-bikes are not new, but they're developing quickly.  There's even a bit of an e-bike vs fat bike thing going around. To combine the best of both, Big Cat E-Bykes has the Fat Cat which is a sight to behold!  We really like Long Island Electric Bike and our favorite way to try an e-bike would have to be with Let It Ride bike tours in Bend, Oregon.  There's also a great new e-bike kit coming soon from the brilliant folks at Daymak.  We're definitely staying tuned!

Glide Bikes has some of the finest craftsmanship available in some of the tiniest bikes out there.  Glide's balance bikes are made with skill and precision.  They're also making adaptive bikes which is an exciting new trend.