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Wind-Blox Blog

Friends and Their Links April 23 2015, 0 Comments

Wind-Blox has friends all over the web-o-sphere (is that a word?).  We'd love to share a few links

My Bike Magazine just posted an article on us: Block Wind Noise and Enjoy the Rid

to learn more about them go to their site

We support People For Bikes, since we are actually people and we are for bikes.

Cyclr is a great friend of ours across the pond 

We also became pals with Big Cat E-Bykes at InterBike.  Check these guys out!  They've some some seriously cool rides.

We have many others, but wanted to be sure to share these with you.

Patent Pending and Trademark Details May 14 2014, 0 Comments

Wind-Blox are a patent-pending product designed, tested and quality-checked in Portland, Oregon, allowing us to maintain the highest quality control.

Recently we were asked when we filed for our patent and how that process is going.  We've actually filed for two different patents (a design patent and a utility patent). 

We have been at "patent pending status" for a long time, and our lawyer reassures us that this is normal.  

Our trademark attorney is also hard at work, ensuring our brand.  

We're Wind-Blox and we want to make sure you Enjoy the Ride!