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Freezing Weather Continues...Here's Some Gear November 20 2014, 0 Comments

Our favorite wind-fighting product is Wind-Blox, it goes without saying, but what other wind products are valuable?

We like Pearl Izumi's cycling gloves, but also realize that in really cold weather something like a lobster glove may be more what a person is looking for.

If riders are dealing with rain, another vital layer would be booties (and of course our favorite is our local brand Showers Pass which is now available at Nordstrom).  Beyond the need for booties, a great pair of cycling shoes is going to be helpful and SIDI has a really warm pair.

Knickers or knee warmers will make a big difference when it comes to keeping your ligaments happy, and fleece lined tights and bibs are great options too.

Balaclavas stop important sounds (like CARS) and so do earmuffs, so Wind-Blox should stay on your helmet straps year round, but adding a warm layer like Bern's knit liner will be very helpful.