The Bike Racks are Full October 03 2014, 0 Comments

Though many schools have empty bike racks, there's a growing demand for them in a Philadelphia high school. Why, when fitness levels are down and childhood obesity an epidemic is this working?  What is special at Palumbo? 

The Academy at Palumbo, a school where the demand for bike racks is greater than the availability, is part of the vibrant cycling culture of Philadelphia.  Megan Rosenbach directs the bicycle coalition's safety and education program, Safe Routes Philly.  There is also a bike share program which may be stretched from its current focus on needs of younger students if the demand grows.

In correspondence with Megan Rosenbach, she states her educated guesses:
- The school is in a highly biked community and on a street with a bike lane
- I believe the school draws a large portion of students from South Philly, which is the most biked part of Philadelphia.
- The school is not right on a subway line, which  makes biking a quicker option than waiting for the bus. 
- There is probably a culture that "biking is cool" or at least accepted among students at Palumbo. 
- It is a school with lots of different cultures that use the bicycle as a primary form of transportation