Attach Wind-Blox To Reduce Bicycle Wind Noise

Attach Wind-Blox to Reduce Bicycle Wind Noise

Open the Velcro of the Wind-Blox and place Wind-Blox on the strap that will be in front of your ear with the fuzzy side of the velcro further from the ear opening.

Close the Velcro so that the label is facing inward. 

In this position you will notice that the place that the Velcro meets is near your ear on the inside of your helmet close to the V where the straps join.  The flap created where the Velcro connects should be touching your cheek so that the smoothest part of the Wind-Blox is facing out.

 You will want to adjust the Wind-Blox for comfort and effectiveness once your helmet is strapped on.  Make sure that the Wind-Blox are directly in front of your ear so that the label is nearly touching your ear.



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