Wind-Blox: Reduce Bike Wind Noise

Wind-Blox: Reduce Bike Wind Noise

What are Wind-Blox?


Wind-Blox are wind tunnel tested and proven to be the most effective wind noise reduction devices for bicycling.

Wind-Blox attach to helmets and stop wind noise. Now you can hear the sounds you want to hear.



Why Wind-Blox?  

With approximately 700 deaths and 50,000 hospitalizations each year -- in the U.S. alone -- due to traffic related accidents, we feel a duty to promote any practice that advances an earlier awareness of approaching vehicles.  We also acknowledge the fact that many cyclists listen to audio at a much higher volume than necessary, straining their hearing and further masking the sounds of traffic.  Wind-Blox users enjoy audio at greatly reduced levels. 

If these devices can make such a difference, why aren't they more common?  

There are a number of patents for bicycle wind noise suppression devices dating back into the 1990s, which validates the need for these devices. As to the lack of popularity, it's our goal to change this by delivering safety and comfort in a stylish and sporty product.  

Will I hear wind noise?  

Wind tunnel and audio engineering tests have measured a reduction of up to 80% of the perceived wind noise.  Wind-Blox make the biggest difference when riding at least 12 mph into the wind.  You won't notice as much of a difference when riding with the wind, as the noise is already minimal.  We encourage riders to occasionally lift their helmet straps away from their face to remember the wind as it used to be.  


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