Focus, the helmet attachment for winter riding – Wind-Blox


Focus, the helmet attachment for winter riding

$ 20.00 $ 23.07

Wind-Blox Focus: 

On cold rides you sacrifice sound for warmth. You hear less upcoming traffic, find it harder to hear your fellow bikers, or miss the peace of a forest road... All muffled because the wind is too cold.

Four Reasons to buy Wind-Blox Focus

  1. Safer for earbud audio.Wind-Blox Focus enables reduced earbud audio levels which may improve safety and sound quality–where the law allows.
  2. They focus sound using Wind-Blox technology. Wind-Blox Focus has patent pending design, is wind tunnel tested and engineered to stop over 80% of wind noise--the HIGHEST rating of any other bicycle wind blocking alternative. 
  3. They keep your ears warm. The Wind-Blox Focus waterproof soft-shell exterior keeps the warmth next to your ear.
  4. Stay with your helmet.  No need to take them on and off, these easy-attach covers stay with your helmet for the next ride.